About Us

In today’s challenging business environment, even the most skilled managers and executives need advanced training and education to successfully manage and lead complex organizations. As an employer, investing in the professional advancement of your human capital can help secure a sustainable competitive advantage by preparing your talent to make educated and strategic decisions to drive your organization’s future.

Strategic Partnerships & Successful Outcomes

The UConn Executive Education Program has developed key partnerships with global corporations to provide customized content to their employees. UConn’s experience in tailoring our research and academic curriculum to meet your organization’s specific learning and development needs, combined with our unique ability to deliver value-added content through live in-person, virtual live, and online asynchronous channels has led to highly successful outcomes for our partners.

Innovative Delivery Solutions

The UConn Executive Education Program offers innovative design and delivery solutions to meet your organization’s needs. Training can be held in traditional face-to-face environment, virtual-live, or online. We are experienced in customizing various delivery models to effectively reach your global workforce by delivering training whenever and wherever it is needed.