Executive Breakfast Series

The University of Connecticut School of Business Executive Breakfast Series offers innovative and thought-provoking discussions based on cutting-edge research uniquely delivered by our expert faculty. These complimentary presentations are part of the School’s commitment to enhance the competitive advantage of Connecticut’s professional community in the expanding business environment.


Past Sessions

Becoming Yourself as a Leader – Dr. Lucy Gilson and UConn Head Baseball Coach Jim Penders

Whether in the corporate world, or the field of play, good leaders need to be authentic and connected to their followers and environment.  Professor Lucy Gilson and UConn Head Baseball Coach Jim Penders discuss how finding yourself as a leader is an emergent process that evolves throughout one’s career and is something that leaders need to be tuned into at all stages of their leadership journey.  They will examine the importance of role-models, modeling behavior, and finding one’s voice as a leader, as well as exchange views on themes such as how to repeat and sustain success.

Long-Term Thinking in a Short-Term World – Dr. David Souder

In times of crisis and rapid change, short-term thinking helps firms survive. But to prosper over the long term, the transformational impact of long-term action is also necessary. UConn Management Professor David Souder, the lead author of a forthcoming Long-Term Thinking report from the Network for Business Sustainability, will share the latest thoughts on how to keep your organization prosperous by incorporating long-term thinking even when facing lots of pressure for short-term results.

Risk Intelligent Compliance – Dr. Robert Bird

Compliance is big business and the stakes for a firm are high. Yet firms cannot simply dedicate unlimited time and resources to solving compliance problems. The skilled manager must know how to both implement compliance effectively and do so at low cost and without disruption. Successful firms will be able to intelligently manage a full spectrum of risks and make decisions that both effectively and efficiently protect the firm from sanctions and harm.

In this seminar, Dr. Robert Bird, Associate Professor of Business Law, introduces the concept of risk intelligent compliance. He will discuss how to make compliance decisions within an environment of limited time, willpower, and resources. Compliance risk is now simply a fact of life, and something that cannot be completely eliminated. Managers can, however, evaluate the magnitude of various risks and then apply resources in a manner that most efficiently and effectively minimizes exposure to the organization. This seminar will explore multiple kinds of efficiency, the trade-off between risk and cost, and show how firms can best achieve their compliance goals and promote compliance as a source of innovation.

Social Networks in Organizations – Dr. Travis Grosser

The social networks that exist within a firm are crucial to its operation as they are the means by which critical knowledge and resources are often conveyed. The emerging field of social network analysis provides a set of tools and concepts that can help leaders better understand the networks that exist in their organizations. In this presentation

Dr. Travis Grosser, Assistant Professor of Management will cover social networks and the impact that they have on organizations and employees including an overview of social network concepts and how social networks impact employee satisfaction, employee performance, innovation & creativity, and knowledge sharing in organizations.

The seminar will close with how leaders can apply the power of social network analysis in their own organizations.

Demystifying Big Data – Dr. Ramesh Shankar

The value of Big Data in organizations is growing in awareness but little understood. In this compelling presentation, the opportunities and challenges associated with leveraging Big Data and extracting full value are presented and discussed.

Participants will gain an understanding of the business value offered by the emerging ecosystem of Big Data technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Spark, Hive and others.

Dr. Ramesh Shankar’s presentation is a must-attend event for HR, Marketing, IT, Operations Management and Healthcare leaders as well as CFOs, COOs and CEOs. Business leaders will leave the seminar with an enhanced understanding of the potential of Big Data in their organization to improve functional and operational results.