Hands-on Lean Business Process Improvement

Hands-On Lean Business Process Improvement is an interactive two-day workshop that enables you to quickly and easily follow a common roadmap and use simple tools to improve business processes by eliminating waste and improving flow to enhance value for your customers and stakeholders.

The workshop is “hands-on”, and promises you a memorable learning experience through:

  • Real-time simulation of business processes
  • Fast-paced competition between teams
  • Interactive discussion of relevant examples

Hands-On Lean Business Process Improvement provides individuals at all levels of an organization with a solid foundation for using Lean to help achieve Operational Excellence from the top-down and the bottom-up. You are encouraged to network during breaks and build a coalition for Continuous Improvement with your peers that will extend beyond the workshop.

So join your old friends, make some new ones, and become a “WasteBuster™!” Discover learning that really is both productive and fun.