Schedule: Hands-on Lean Business Process Improvement

How will this information be delivered to you?

Hands-On Lean Business Process Improvement is delivered in a classroom setting and consists of:

  • Explanation – 1/3
  • Demonstration – 1/3
  • Workshop – 1/3

The format is highly interactive and relies on simulation and competition to challenge individuals and teams to quickly learn concepts and skills and to reinforce their learning using a low-tech, high-touch approach.

For one instructor, the class size is 16-20 participants. For two instructors, the class size is double the size for one instructor, with each section consisting of 16-20 participants.

How much time does the course require?

Hands-On Lean Business Process Improvement spans two consecutive eight-hour days where each day consists of:

  • Activities – 06:45
  • Morning Break – 00:15
  • Lunch Break – 00:45
  • Afternoon Break – 00:15

Participants are encouraged to network during breaks and build a coalition for Lean business process improvement with their peers that will extend beyond the workshop.